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Prostanoid receptors involved in human vascular tone

Source Receptor subtype involved in vasoconstriction Receptor subtype involved in vasorelaxation Reference & Abstract
basilar artery TP, EP? IP Parsons & Whalley, 1989 
brachial artery   IP Kamper et al., 2002
cerebral artery TP IP, EP4 Davis et al., 2004
coronary artery TP IP Cocks et al., 1993; Merritt et al., 1991; Maassen VanDenBrink et al., 1996; Chester et al., 1993; Ohlstein et al., 1988
femoral artery TP   Furci et al., 1991
gastroepiploic artery TP   Wallerstedt & Bodelsson, 1997; Chardigny et al., 1993
gastroepiploic vein TP   Wallerstedt & Bodelsson, 1997
hand vein TP IP Arner & Hogestatt, 1991; Arner et al., 1991
hand artery   IP  Arner & Hogestatt, 1991
intercostal artery EP3 IP Longrois et al., 2012
mammary artery TP, EP3 IP Liu et al., 1994; Stanke et al., 1998; He & Yang, 1995; Foudi et al., 2011
mesenteric artery   IP Merritt et al., 1991
omental artery TP   Ohlmann et al., 1997; Dong et al., 2015
pial arteries TP   Uski et al., 1984
penile artery TP IP, EP? Angulo et al., 2002
placental artery TP   Cruz et al., 1997; Wilkes et al., 1992; Svane et al., 1992
placental vein TP   Cruz et al., 1997; Boura et al., 1986
pulmonary vein TP, EP1 IP, DP, EP4 see previous page
pulmonary artery TP, EP3 IP
radial artery TP   He & Yang, 1999
renal artery TP IP, EP4 Eskildsen et al., 2014
retinal arterial TP DP Spada et al., 2002
saphenous vein  TP IP, EP4 Mais et al., 1985; Stanke et al., 1998; Furci et al., 1991; Tripodi et al., 1999; Foudi et al., 2011
thymic arteries TP   Champion et al.,  2003
umbilical artery TP   Boersma et al., 1999; Crichton et al., 1993; Di Grande et al., 1994; Templeton et al., 1991; Bjoro & Stray-Pedersen, 1986; Boura et al., 1986
umbilical vein TP, FP   Daray et al. 2003; Errasti et al., 2009; Topal et al., 2010
uterine artery TP IP, EP4 Baxter et al., 1995; Svane et al., 1992; Obayashi et al., 1996

Only the prostanoid receptor subtypes described in the literature are indicated (receptors absent or not determined were not distinguished).
In most of these studies the involvement of EP1-4, DP or FP subtypes was not investigated.
Ref: X. Norel, TheScientificWorldJOURNAL, 7, 2007 PDF; Gomez et al., Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. PDF 2013.

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