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Eicosanoids are metabolites of arachidonic acid derived from the action of the cyclooxygenase (cyclooxygenase pathway) or lypoxygenase enzymatic pathways. These metabolites may control the smooth muscle tone, the cell proliferation and migration in human vascular bed. Most of our present studies concern the 8 different prostanoid receptor subtypes (DP, EP1-4, FP, IP, TP) activated by prostaglandins and/or thromboxane and the enzymatic activities ( COX-1, COX-2, mPGES...) involved in the cyclooxygenase pathway. The roles of prostanoids in the human vascular wall are investigated in physiological and pathophysiological conditions (pulmonary hypertension, systemic hypertension, varicosity, atherosclerosis, aneurysm, preeclamsia).

GREMI (French Inflammation Society meeting



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